Estimating the Cost of Wooden Fence Installation

Installing a wooden fence for your compound is actually a great idea and it is not that complicated and neither is it an easy job.

Find the required materials, follow the steps correctly and make sure you get it right.

Once you have layout the fence line with a string determine where to place the posts and the best place to start off is at the corners.. For first timers at this work I would advise you start from the back since it is easier to hide the imperfections from that side, it is not a must you start and get everything right away you will learn along the way from your mistakes. To prevent the post from rotting add or rather pour two to three inches of gravel at the bottom of the posts hole, this will also allow adequate drainage.

while setting the rails it is very important to ensure the level is in perfectly in line and nothing gets out of line. To attach the gate hinges you should preferably use lag bolts especially if your gate is big since it will be able to bear the weight of the gate.

After the paint has dried you can now attach the handles and latches. All it takes is to follow all the steps carefully and doing everything right.

The cost of wood fencing varies on several factors such as did you have the fence installed by yourself or hired a contractor or the length and height of the fence. Then pace off the distance to get a rough estimate of the number of posts required then measure the length of one panel and calculate your cost. Additional costs usually come by when you want to change the appearance of the fence and sealant to beautify your fence.Many people usually tend to overlook the site preparation cost until they realize the soil is not strong to hold the posts, come along existing trees along the fence line which requires being cut down.

this then means the current posts should be removed and to remove them well you can use a wood post puller which makes it easier. Having to do the job yourself will cut you off some costs since you will work at your own pace and not have to pay a contractor everyday.

The easiest way of estimating the cost is to determine the cost of a single fence panel and multiply it with the required number of panels that can complete the job. This panels that are pressure treated are mostly made from pine and often sag after installation.

Doing the job on your own for a common typical home can take up to three days and save you lots of money which you can treat yourself for a job well done, you can even get a few friends to help you out and the work will be kind of fun and enjoyable since you are not doing it all by yourself.

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